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St. George is a beautiful, modern city in Southern Utah, close to the Arizona border. Because of its latitude and elevation, it has a pleasant climate, with mild winters compared to the rest of Utah.

St. George is widely known as a base or launching point for journeys to adjacent parks. The city is also located nearby some fantastic mountain bike tracks, particularly at Hurricane.

Within the city bounds, however, St. George offers some unique sights worth seeing. Especially during the summer months, families will find attractive parks and children's activities.

Look through our list of top city attractions in St. George for ideas about major landmarks and city attractions.

St George Temple.png

St. George Utah Temple

This massive and towering structure, which takes up an entire city block, is a must-see in St. George.

The construction of the temple began in 1872 and was completed five years later. The temple is only open to followers of the Mormon church, although there is a visitor center on site that is open to the general public.

The temple's pristine white look makes it easy to spot from anywhere in town. The building is huge, with more than 110,000 square feet of interior space and a height of 175 feet.

Address: 250 E 400 S, St. George, Utah

St George Childrens Museum.png

St. George Children's Museum

The Children's Museum is located near downtown St. George in a historic building. You and your friends will find 12 rooms full of interactive and fun exhibitions once you go through the entrance doors.

In the summer, a trip to the St. George Children's Museum can be paired with an afternoon at Town Square Park's splash pad for a complete day of entertainment. Every first Thursday of the month, admission is free.

Address: 86 South Main Street, St. George, Utah

St George Childrens Museum.png
Town Square Park.png

Town Square Park

If you're travelling with young children and want to spend a day doing something enjoyable and free, Town Square Park is the place to go.

If your child gets tired of the water, they can ride an antique carousel for a modest price. The Tabernacle, one of St. George's most historically significant and beautifully maintained buildings, is encircled by the park.

Address: 175 East 200 North, St. George, Utah

St George Childrens Museum.png

Red Hills Desert Gardens

The Red Hills Desert Landscape is a stunning garden that showcases the vegetation of the surrounding area. The garden contains over 5,000 plants, some of which are so brilliantly colored that they nearly seem to sparkle against the red dirt and rocks.

Plant imageries are printed on metal poles that run the length of a boardwalk that winds through the garden and across a slow-moving creek that contains endangered native fish species.

You can easily combine a visit here with a stop at Pioneer Park if you have the time.

Address: 375 E. Red Hills Parkway, St. George, Utah

Red Hills Desert Garden.png
St george dinosaur discovery site at Johnson Farm.png

Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

Dinosaurs once roamed this part of Utah, and you can see where they walked at the Dinosaur Discovery Site. At the site of an Early Jurassic Lake, tens of thousands of fossilized dinosaur tracks have been discovered.

Life-size replicas of the dinosaurs that left the tracks, as well as murals depicting their environment, may be found in the exhibition center.


Address: 2180 East Riverside Drive, St. George, Utah