Solar Panel Cleaning

Let us help protect your Solar investment.

If you've invested in Solar Panels for your home or office, then we don't have to tell you how important it is to do everything you can to protect that investment. Regular Solar Panel Cleaning is a great way to make sure those panels last for decades to come.

Clear View Window Washing's professional is well equipped to work with this specialty type of cleaning. The solution we use is safe to use on Solar Panels and makes them look great. Clean Solar Panels mean more efficient Solar Panels. We've cleaned Solar Panels all over St. George and Southern Utah.  We've got the tools and know-how to get the job done. You can expect our team to show up looking clean and ready to work with a can-do attitude and a warm smile.  

We are ultra careful as we enter your roof. We guarantee you won't find mud and dirt tracked in or broken roof tiles. Not only that, but our team will be "squeaky clean" too. Each of our employees had been educated to be professional - which means no swearing, crude remarks, or smoking on the job. 


Routine Solar Panel cleaning is more than just keeping up appearances. As we said earlier, regular cleaning provides the peace of mind knowing that your investment is being well taken care of and will last for years to come. We've mentioned it on other pages, but just want you to know that Clear View Window Washing offers a Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning program called 'Clean It and Forget It' where each month or quarter we come and clean your Solar Panels for one low annual price (or monthly if you wish). No contracts or hidden fees. We also offer Pressure Washing for the outside of your home.


If you're ready to get going on your Solar Panel Cleaning, Give us a call today. We think a reputable company should provide the very best service at a fair price. You can find Solar Panel washers who are willing to clean your panels at deep discounts, but you know what they say: "You get what you pay for."

Solar Panels

What are some things I should be looking for in a professional Solar Panel washing company:

  1. Does the company inspect the roof first, or do they just shimmy up the ladder? Safety is our top concern. You should expect us to ask some questions about your roof to ensure everyone's safety.

  2. How do the staff look, and are they in uniform? A company that does not invest in its appearance will only be successful in the short term.

  3. Make sure you get references. You should be able to get them for free from a reputable business.

  4. Are they covered by workers' comp and insured? Things can go wrong. Never underestimate the potential for unforeseen events.

  5. Do they have the resources to handle this? From a distance, washing a hard-to-reach Solar Panel properly using a pole is almost impossible. Five different ladder sizes and a 60' water-fed pole will allow us to clean every panel. 

  6. Do you feel comfortable letting them onto your property? All employees are subjected to a thorough background check, as well as regular drug testing. We only employ individuals we would be comfortable with in our own home. You should feel confident and safe about the employees we hire.


How do you price your Solar Panel cleaning services:

We provide ultra-competitive prices and estimates for our services. Services are priced according to the number of panes. We offer large volume discounts. With a constant eye on the marketplace, we keep our prices as low or as close to those of reputable, insured competitors as possible. 


How to help prepare for our arrival:

  • Make sure you tell us about any broken, loose, or dangeous tiles.

  • The area around the ground where ladders will be placed or other areas where our crew will be working should be free of debris and valuables.

  • Just let us know if you need assistance moving some items. We'd be happy to help

  • Deactivate your security system if applicable.

  • To ensure our cleaner's safety, please keep your pets in safe designated areas during our visit.


How we wash your Solar Panels:

  • With our best tools and solutions, we can deliver you the cleanest Solar Panels possible.

  • Using a soft 'wand', we scrub your windows after applying the cleaning solution. This solution leaves no haze behind, and it can be used safely on window tints.

  • Step two is to remove all the dirt and solution with a rubber squeegee with a channel design attached to a handle.

  • Towel-drying the frames is followed by a microfiber wipe to detail the glass.

  • We use a glass scraper for cleaning panels of any debris.

  • Once the job has been approved, you can sit back and enjoy having your Solar Panels cleaned.